35th Seattle Improvised Music Festival, March 11 – 15 CANCELLED

$5 – $20 donation at the door

We are very disappointed to report that due to concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have decided to postpone this year’s Seattle Improvised Music Festival. We hope to make it happen in September, so stay tuned for more info as things solidify. Thank you.

(all events subject to change – watch here for updates)

Weds. March 11, 8 PM @ Gallery 1412
• duo: Galin Hebert (drums), Tamara Zenobia (voice)
• trio: Marina Albero (psaltery), Leanna Keith (flute), Crow Nishimura (voice)
• featured: Dana Reason (piano) – solo and/or with others TBA

Thur. March 12, 8 PM @ Good Shepherd Chapel
• quartet: Thomas Campbell (drums), Andrew Jones (bass), Dick Valentine (flutes, sax), Tamara Zenobia (voice)
• quintet: Laurel Evers (clarinet), Rebekah Ko (percussion), Pete Leinonen (bass), Crow Nishimura (voice), Dana Reason (piano)
• featured: Ben Goldberg (clarinet) – solo and/or with others TBA

Fri. March 13, 8 PM @ Good Shepherd Chapel
• trio: Rebekah Ko (percussion), Leanna Keith (flute), Dick Valentine (flutes, sax)
• quartet: Galin Hebert (drums), Andrew Jones (bass), Jim Knodle (trumpet), Joe McPhee (sax)
• featured: Sam Newsome (sax) – solo and/or with others TBA

Sat. March 14, 12 – 1 PM (doors 11:30 AM) @ Good Shepherd Chapel
SAND: Sessions in Drone
Come drone with us! Bring your voice and/or instrument for a meditative, community-based drone session celebrating the resonance of the Chapel and each other! Please arrive early for a brief orientation. Listeners also welcome! Conceived by Bryan Lineberry.

Sat. March 14, 3 PM @ Good Shepherd Chapel
Dance & Music, curated by Lorraine Lau
Dancers: Elby Brosch, Lorraine Lau, Hendri Walujo, Fox Whitney, others TBA
Musicians: Marina Albero (piano/psaltery), Christopher Icasiano (drums), Leanna Keith (flute), others TBA

Sat. March 14, 8 PM @ Good Shepherd Chapel

• quartet: Marina Albero (piano), Thomas Campbell (drums), Pete Leinonen (bass), Sam Newsome (sax)
• trio: Laurel Evers (clarinet), James Falzone (clarinet), Ben Goldberg (clarinet)
• featured: Joe McPhee (sax) – solo and/or with others TBA

Sun. March 15, 8 PM @ Cafe Racer
• featured: Jim Knodle (trumpet), with Heather Bentley (viola), Ruby Lucinda (drums), Evan Woodle (drums)
Racer Sessions: free improvisation jam, all instruments and levels of experience are welcome