Aether Fest Program 6: An Ear to the World

KUNM, 89.9 FM, Albuquerque
on Fresh, hosted by Alan Liddell

Environmental soundscapes:

Deborah Begel (La Madera, NM) Ode to Rain
Warren Burt (USA/Australia) Point King Beach Memories
Chris Cutler (UK) Twice Around the World
Rebecca Marshall (UK) Empty Building Dreams
Andra McCartney (Canada) Canada Trainradio 1: Montreal-Winnipeg
Michelle Nagai (Brooklyn , NY) Study for Ec(h)olocator
Sarah Peebles (USA/Canada) Walking Through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century
Philip Perkins (Albany, CA) Choral Works
Peter Stollery (Scotland) ABZ/A
Massimo Toniutti (Italy) Omaggio Radiofonico alla Stazione di Topolo