Aether Fest Program 7: War Correspondence

KUNM, 89.9 FM, Albuquerque
on Other Voices, Other Sounds, hosted by Steve Peters

Radio art on the subject of war:

SPECIAL FEATURE: War and the Inevolution of Grace, a new live on-air performance work commissioned for Aether Fest by intermedia artist Ann Racuya-Robbins (La Puebla, NM). Layers of material collected primarily during the beginnings of the Iraq War — media clips, electronic music, voices of friends, and domestic sounds — as the artist improvises a spontaneous meditation on the war while enmeshed in the composition, responding to and projecting into the world the stream of her inner voice. A brave piece that exposes the conflicts and contradictions within herself and within our country.

Christopher deLaurenti (Seattle, WA) Two Secret Wars
Barrett Golding (Bozeman, MT) Bright Chrysanthemum
René Mogensen (Denmark/Belgium) Terror of Penge
Pauline Oliveros (Kingston, NY) Poem of Change
Helen Thorington (Brookline, MA) 9.11.01 Scapes