Dana Reason + Lisa Cay Miller: Piano Solos

Dana Reason is a leading figure in the new generation of pianists who are equally comfortable on both the jazz and classical concert stages. Born in Toronto, she began studying piano at age three. She was a member of The Space Between, with Pauline Oliveros (accordion) and Philip Gelb (shakuhachi). She has worked with bassists Lisle Ellis, Barre Phillips, Jöelle Léandre, Peter Kowald, and Matthew Sperry, as well as saxophonist Joe McPhee, trombonist George Lewis, and saxophonist Jon Raskin. She currently leads a trio with bassist Dominic Duvall and drummer Tim DuRoche.

Sharing the evening is Vancouver pianist Lisa Miller. Her work combines jazz, modern composition, and free improvisation in a vibrant and challenging context. She performs with Eyvind Kang, Dylan van der Schyff, Peggy Lee, Jeremy Berkman, Jesse Zubot, Ron Samworth, Alita Dupary, Steve Smith, the NOW Orchestra, ion zoo, and stop time.