Dempster Diving

Town Hall, Seattle

Dempster Diving is a tribute to world renowned trombonist, composer, didgeridoo player, aural provocateur, beloved teacher and mentor, and master punster Stuart Dempster on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Dempster has been an inspiring presence in Seattle for 40 years, an intrepid supporter of several generations of adventurous musicians of all stripes. Joining him are some of the many leading creative lights who have accompanied him on his journey through decibels, drones, and echoes: Trimpin, Paul Taub, David Mahler, the Didgeri Dudes, Degenerate Art Ensemble, DJ Tamara Weikel, Michael Monhart, Susie Kozawa, a trombone choir, a lyrical juggler, and others to be announced. Co-presented with the Earshot Jazz Festival.