Garrett Fisher Ensemble: Psyche

Friday, October 17 & Saturday, October 18. Listen to an interview with Garrett Fisher on KUOW.

Seattle composer Garrett Fisher and his ensemble return to the Chapel with the definitive version of their latest chamber opera. Psyche tells the story of wrathful Aphrodite’s quest to ruin Psyche, a mortal who is considered to be more beautiful than even the Greek goddess herself. Libretto by Thom Schramm, co-direction and dramaturgy by Ken Cerniglia, choreography and co-direction by Christy Fisher, and puppets/costumes by Tori Ellison. Performers include Linda Strandberg (Aphrodite), Ben Black (Eros), Vanessa De Wolf (the Sister), Gary Zinter (the King), Ines Andrade, Mary Cutrera, and Archana Kumar (the Chorus), Dean Moore and Stan Shikuma (percussion), Esther Sugai (flute, harmonium), Taina Karr (oboe), and Greg Bagley (bass).