Stuart Dempster & Dennis Rea: Double Tanabata Birthdays!

$5 - $15 (Sliding Scale)

Seattle composers Stuart Dempster and Dennis Rea celebrate their shared birthday that falls on July 7, which is also Tanabata, a Japanese festival that celebrates the only day of the year when two lovers cross the Milky Way to meet. (Although this concert is on the 6th, it will already be Tanabata in Japan.)

Dempster premieres Seventy Seven Sevens, featuring seven-plus trombonists surrounding the audience with Dempster “conducting” from the center, along with bass drummers Paul Kikuchi and Dean Moore. Rea’s beautiful ASJ, premiered at the Chapel last January, will this time incorporate the trombone forces along with John Seman, bass and Kate Olson, soprano sax. Improvisations and other surprises aplenty including multiple brass didjeridus (!) round out the evening.