Festival of Wayward Music

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Good Shepherd Center, and to officially introduce our new music venue, this festival celebrates the diversity of the Seattle creative music community. Read previews in The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and Seattle P-I; also, find a review in the Seattle P-I. In case you didn’t attend, it went like this:

Friday, July 20: The Piano Christening – Gust Burns, Dawn Clement, Wayne Horvitz, Julie Ives, Duo Juum, Johanna Kunin, Victor Noriega, Amy Rubin, and Cristina Valdes.

Saturday, July 21: The Marathon – 12:00-2:00Steve Barsotti, environmental sound interludes (Phonographers Union); Robert Mittenthal & Nico Vassilakis, text (presented by Subtext); Stuart Dempster, trombone; Matt Weiner & Del Rey, double bass & ukelele (presented by Jack Straw Prods.); Amy Denio, voice & accordion; Claire Evans, text (presented by Clear Cut Press); Bob Rees, vibraphone (presented by Jack Straw Prods.); Bill Horist, acoustic guitar; Jim Knodle & Rosalynn DeRoos, trumpet & clarinet

2:00-4:00Perri Lynch, environmental sound interludes (Phonographers Union); Sam Lohmann, text (presented by Clear Cut Press); Dave Knott, nylon string guitar; Lori Goldston & Angelina Baldoz, cello & trumpet; Heidi Drucker, voice; Travis Nichols, text (presented by Clear Cut Press); Gavin Borchert, piano (presented by WA Composers Forum); Keith Eisenbrey, piano (presented by WA Composers Forum); Shulamit Kleinerman & Michael Connolly, medieval fiddle tunes (presented by Jack Straw Prods.)

4:00-6:00Katie Gately, environmental sound interludes (Phonographers Union); Bryant Mason, text (presented by Subtext); KnotPineBox, electric guitar & vocals; Dennis Rea & Ed Petry, electric guitar duo; Jesse Canterbury & Greg Sinibaldi, clarinet duo; Ezra Mark, text (presented by Subtext); Eric Lanzillotta, analog synthesizer; Marc Barreca, laptop & digital accordion; Yann Novak, laptop

6:00-8:00Rob Millis, environmental sound interludes (Phonographers Union); Jeanne Heuving, text (presented by Subtext); Unused Lexical Variable, 2 guitars & contrabass (presented by Seattle Composers Salon); Tom Baker/Jesse Canterbury/Greg Campbell, guitar/clarinet/percussion (presented by Seattle Composers Salon); Paul Taub & Michael Partington, flute & classical guitar; Seattle Chamber Players & friends (presented by DoubleSharp): Juliana Svetlichnaia, ancient Russian ritual songs; Paul Taub (flute) plays Antanas Kucinskas (Lithuania); Laura DeLuca (clarinet) & Joshua Roman (cello) play Derek Bermel (USA); Mikhail Shmidt (violin) plays Michel van der Aa (Netherlands); Anna Stovall (voice, guitar) & Luba Malkina (domra) play Russian folk songs and Georgy Sviridov (Russia)

8:00-10:00Jonathan Way, environmental sound interludes (Phonographers Union); Garrett Fisher Ensemble, musical theater; Paul Rucker, cello; Susie Kozawa, Esther Sugai, Mike Shannon, Asian & homemade instruments; Gamelan Pacifica, Indonesian percussion chamber ensemble; Charles Mudede, text (presented by Clear Cut Press); Wally Shoup, alto saxophone; Climax Golden Twins, guitars, junk, metaphones; One World Taiko, Japanese drum ensemble (presented by Jack Straw Prods.)