John Teske: vectorscores

$5 – $15 donation at the door

Seattle composer John Teske presents a new suite of graphic and generated works for any ensemble as part of his ongoing vectorscores project. Since 2016, John has been writing music with vectorscores, which uses web technologies to generate and render scores. The shape of each piece is composed, with some flexibility in the details, so the works as a whole are crafted but each performance is unique. The new suite explores some recurring thoughts, visions, and dreams from a dark and surreal time, as well as expanding on the potential of the vectorscores project.

Any Ensemble:
Greg Campbell, percussion
Luke Fitzpatrick, violin
Haley Freedlund, trombone
Noel Kennon, viola
John Teske, double bass

John Teske writes contemporary concert music and creates site-specific concert experiences. Many of his works use graphic and alternate notation systems to craft works with an improvisational element. His recent work includes vectorscores, a collection of graphic and generated compositions; topographies, a series of musical contour maps through which musicians navigate; site-specific performances in Seattle parks; and a series of works for chamber orchestra. His music has been performed across the United States, in South America, France, and Russia, and has received support from the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, the Jack Straw Foundation, and the City of Seattle.