NonSeq Curators Concert

$5 – $20 suggested donation at the door

We kick off the 2024 NonSeq concert series with a special performance of solo sets by this year’s curatorial team:

Beth Fleenor is an electric, adrenaline inducing performer crafting moments that ricochet between meditation and a full body purge. Whether performing solo with amplified clarinet, voice & electronics, leading blindfolded chamber ensembles, conducting a full theater house as a beat-boxing choir, or singing in her own invented language as Crystal Beth, her work is grounded in the idea that “art is the discipline of being.”

enereph is a persona of multidisciplinary artist Connie Fu (b. 1992). Her atmospheric, percussive, and labyrinthine compositions have been presented live, on radio, and as recorded releases by Acceleration Radio, Vancouver (2023), Ground Hum, Seattle (2023), ANTiPODE, Seattle (2023), Active Passive Performance Society, Galiano Island (2023), OneBeat (2022), and Heterodox Records, Portland (2021). Tonight she will play a set from computer, synth, and sampler accompanied by a video composition.

Kole Galbraith is an interdisciplinary artist and noise musician. He has collaborated with various artists including Lori Goldston, Greg Kelley, Chloe Alexandra Thompson, morher, Cigve, Jason Lazer, Patrick Wurzwallner, Warren Realrider, and Sean Waple. Kole is also a co-director of local experimental label Obscure & Terrible, and is an enrolled member of the Peoria Tribes of Indians in Oklahoma. Tonight he will be presenting an electro-acoustic piece that focuses on Sinixt/Interior Salish concepts of the Coyote and prehistoric identity practices.  

Born in Iran, classical guitarist Naeim Rahmani immigrated to the United States as a refugee and has since made a name for himself as an accomplished performer, both nationally and internationally. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous accolades, including a 2022 Goethe-Institut Residency Award, and a 2023 CityArtist Award from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. Naeim is also the artistic director of the Seattle-Isfahan Project (SIP), which brings together musicians from Seattle and Iran to create a shared workspace where performers and composers come together to create new works for the guitar repertoire. The forthcoming installment, “Displaced Voices,” sponsored by the Seattle Symphony, is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2024. Tonight Naeim will play a set of solo guitar pieces in which composers have explored the extensive percussion palette of the instrument. These elements, playing alongside the fingerboard, and tapping on the fretboard with both hands, bring a novel dimension to the sound of guitar music.