Substrata: Xtro + Holtkamp + Hultgren

Substrata’s second night plays host to the evolving field of electro-acoustic composition in its intersection with fringe pop, folk, improvisation and non-rock forms. Dismantling both the synthesizer and the electric guitar’s central roles and showmanship in rock music for a larger lexicon of expressive frontiers, theirs is a more variegated and polychromatic realization of these electric instruments and their still undiscovered potential. This is a lissom flexing of the tools of rock, psychedelic and folk music into applications wholly mutagenic and hybrid, circuitous and serpentine in their paths away from tradition. A slow forced evolution of tools and form, meliorating the living core from it’s popular conception.

Will Call – 6:45 pm
Doors – 7:00 pm
Sanso Xtro – 7:45 pm
Koen Holtkamp – 8:30 pm **
Carl Hultgren – 9:15 pm

**WARNING: Please be aware strobe/flickering light video effects will be used during Koen Holtkamp’s performance. Patrons that may suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects are advised to contact us via email or day of event (prior to entering the auditorium!).**