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Soundviews: Sources

A wildly diverse survey of music and sound art, ca. late 1980s, from a series of radio programs curated and produced by Jeffrey Bartone. Brief excerpts of sound sculpture, environmental sound, installations, new instruments, text, interviews, etc. LISTEN

Annea Lockwood interview + A Sound Map of the Hudson River
Bill & Mary Buchen Harmonic Compass
Stephan Von Huene Totem Tone #2
Karen McPherson A Pond at Dusk
Rolf Julius Music in the Air
Hildegard Westerkamp interview + A Walk Through the City
Andrej Zdravic Cicadas Head Dance
Bill Fontana Landscape Sculpture with Foghorns
Richard Lerman interview + Brass Screen & Bronze Screen
Brigitta Bertoia interview
Harry Bertoia Energizing
Jim Pomeroy Mozart’s Moog
Doug Hollis interview + Sound Garden
Dr. Frederick Scarf Voyager II: Uranus Fly-by
David Behrman & George Lewis Installation for Parc de La Villette
Snapshot Radio Evening Sounds in Albion, Michigan
Gordon Monahan Speaker Swinging
Charlamagne Palestine Carillon Concert
Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve & Alain Dumont Extrait d’Resurgence
Paul Panhuysen & Johan Goedhart Jan Huygen I
Liz Phillips interview + Windspun for Minneapolis
Leif Brush Teleconstructs III
Ron Konzak interview + Giant Puget Sound Windharp
Bart Hopkins Disorderly Tumbling Forth
Susan Stone House With a View
Jeffrey Bartone Sky Concert
Ellen Fullman Immigration
Pauline Oliveros, Linda Montano, Tom Jaremba & kids No More Fear
Carl Stone Kuk Il Kwan
John Cage interview
Robert Rutman Something to Reflect the Misery of Our World Today
Ellen Zweig She Traveled the Landscape
Peter Richards Wave Organ
Paul DeMarinis & David Behrman Sound Fountain
Alvin Curran Maritime Rites
Tony Schwartz Factory Whistle Carols