Aether Fest Program 13: Voices in the Dark

KUNM, 89.9 FM, Albuquerque
on Other Voices, Other Sounds, hosted by Steve Peters

Textural texts and deviant documentaries.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Dido’s Revenge, a new radio play commissioned for Aether Fest by Santa Fe author Melody Sumner Carnahan — A dream-turned-fable broadcast one morning through the dreamer’s own clock radio. Twenty years have passed since Aeneas, hero of the Trojan War, abandoned Queen Dido of Phoenecia to pursue his destiny. In the meantime, she’s recovered from her grief and gained supernatural powers, while he got fat and lazy. Now the two vie for global control, and the war being waged in their names threatens to destroy them both as well as the world. They meet to come to turns. A story of fate vs. destiny, of knowing and defying what’s in the stars and in the cards.


Jacki Apple (Los Angeles, CA) Kokoro No Mai/Spirit Dancer
Ed DeBuvitz (Albuquerque, NM) He Was Told
María Esteves (Argentina/USA) We All Gonna Be Homeless Pretty Soon
Monica Kidd (Canada) Exciting Silence
Tae Hong Park (Princeton, NJ) Omoni/Aboji
Susan Stone (Berkeley, CA) Jump + Couch
Deborah Stratman (Chicago, IL) In Order Not to Be Here
Gregory Whitehead (Boston, MA) Proposition Two + Evil Axis