Nonseq at The Stone (NYC)

Nonsequitur was invited to curate the first half of May 2011 at The Stone, the East Village avant music venue founded by John Zorn. We have scheduled two weeks of concerts featuring a wide range of artist friends from around the country, including many with strong Seattle connections. Very few of them live in NYC or have an established audience there, and almost none have ever played at The Stone before. So if you plan to be in New York May 1 – 15, please go and support them! There are two different shows each night, starting at 8 and 10 PM. Admission is generally $10 per set, although there are some exceptions. Full details here.

Sunday, May 1
8 PM – Matt Marble w/ Alex Waterman, Katherine Young, Tucker Dulin
10 PM – Steve Barsotti

Tuesday, May 3
8 PM – Nurit Tilles plays piano music by David Mahler
10 PM – Nurit Tilles plays newer piano music of David Mahler

Wednesday, May 4
8 PM – Steve Gorn & Ralph Samuelson, music by Teiji Ito and others
10 PM – Jeph Jerman

Thursday, May 5
8 PM – Lyn Goeringer
10 PM – Matthew Ostrowski, Jen Baker, Reuben Radding

Friday, May 6
8 PM – Tiffany Lin & Ranjit Bhatnagar
10 PM – Paul Kikuchi w/ Reuben Radding, Jason Stein, Nate Wooley

Saturday, May 7
8 PM – Crosstalk (Jesse Canterbury, Tiffany Lin, Brian Cobb, Paul Kikuchi)
10 PM – Triptet (Tom Baker, Michael Monhart, Greg Campbell)

Sunday, May 8
8 PM – Tom Swafford & friends
10 PM – Reptet (Samantha Boshnak, Chris Credit, Izaak Mills, Nelson Bell, Tim Carey, John Ewing)

Tuesday, May 10
8 PM – Lori Goldston
10 PM – Rob Millis & Steve Roden

Wednesday, May 11
8 PM – Peter Garland plays piano music by himself and Terry Jennings
10 PM – Peter Garland plays other piano music by himself and Michael Byron

Thursday, May 12
8 PM – Ellen Band & David Sholl
10 PM – Stephen Vitiello & Taylor Deupree

Friday, May 13
8 PM – Garrett Fisher Ensemble
10 PM – Chris Stover w/ Steve Swell, Alan Ferber, Chris Washburn

Saturday, May 14
8 PM – Yann Novak & Robert Crouch
10 PM – Kamran Sadeghi

Sunday, May 15
8 PM – Lou Cohen, Tim Feeney, Vic Rawlings
10 PM – Steven M. Miller