NonSeq: 05elantra + august V.M./Arabella

05elantra is a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary visual artist, musician, designer, technologist, and curator interrogating liminal spaces in modern life. Through intricate fusions of experimental electronic music, dance, and animation they construct mirage-like glimpses of a world just beneath the surface of perception. Through their curation and development of Sound P.U.S.H they create an intentional community for emerging artists at the intersection of electronics and performance art. They also lead S.Y.N.C, a free improv electronics ensemble. In an era where digital data has eclipsed the ritual and tactile, S.Y.N.C. plays with these often juxtaposing ideas to embrace playful sonic overload and collective expression. For this performance, they’ll utilize an expansive, genre-bending sound palette to construct a contemporary drama that delves into our relationship with one another, the digital worlds we consume and construct, and the natural environments to which we are inseparably connected.

augustina vail moore aka august V.M. is a trans songwriter, DJ, music producer, composer & sound designer living and working in Seattle. for this performance, august will present a collection of musical sketches composed in preparation for the writing and recording of her first album. this music is inspired by: the deep sea and ocean floor; the echoes, pulse, and sub-bass pressure of dub, techno, and other soundsystem musics; the discovery and sculpting of new textures, atmospheres, and sound worlds; american songwriting lineage; and a handful of childhood images in whose presence her heart first opened. the performance will consist of voice, processed electric guitar, and electronics (synthesizer, sampler, mixer, and reverb + delay units)

Arabella is an installation and video artist exploring themes and dreams of their Filipino culture and collective liberation. They have too many CRT tvs and are constantly rearranging their Eurorack case. In collaboration with august VM, they will be exploring the curiosities and openness of the deep sea, by creating an installation utilizing video synthesis and light as a material. 

Curated for Nonsequitur’s NonSeq series by Connie Fu.