NonSeq: Warren Realrider + Nathan Young

Warren Realrider is a Pawnee/Crow multidisciplinary sound artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently a part of the 2024-2026 cohort at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. While studying painting at the University of Oklahoma he began an exploration of sound, materials, and site as elements of his art practice. Warren created the Tick-Suck noise performance project in 2016 and has since presented his solo works and sound performance collaborations in varied Oklahoma locations as well as distant locales such as S. Windham, Vermont and Los Angeles. His works, such as IIII Kitapâtu and Unassigned Data, work within the unclaimed spaces between contemporary n. american plains existence, universe engagement, and untethered sound to create sonic focused structures of human/item interface. Realrider works to play the tensions and time locations between objects, functions, and movements to create sound pieces assembled on the frameworks of noise art, improvisation, and experimental composition. Realrider will present a performance constructed from the lashing together of disparate sources of foraged audio reflecting his journey from Tulsa via Vermont to NonSeq in Seattle. Realrider will build a sound framework from his current, gathered field recordings and sample sets which will provide structure for electro-improv channeling of eco-input from selected Seattle locations/relations. 

Nathan Young is an experimental musician, improvisor and artist whose expanded practice includes drone, noise music and sound art. Young is the founder and curator of Tulsa Noise, Tulsa Noisefest and the Peyote Tapes record label. His music performances often explore the idioms of drone music and harsh noise and are characterized by heavy atmospherics and ecstatic intensity. Performing with a constantly evolving array of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, Young uses extended and experimental techniques to create heavy and meditative drone compositions. He has released over 60 + recordings on independent labels as Alms, Narco Alms, Ajilvsga, Postcommodity, Flora Morte and Spirit Plate. Nathan co-founded the artist collective Postcommodity (2006-2015) and holds an MFA in Music / Sound from Bard College’s Milton-Avery School of the Arts. Young is a PhD candidate in the University of Oklahoma’s innovative Native American Art History Doctoral program where his scholarship is focused on Indigenous Sonic Agency. Nathan is the 2024-2025 recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts John Cage Award.

Curated by Kole Galbraith for Nonsequitur‘s NonSeq series.