$5 - $15 (Sliding Scale)

pincushioned is the invention/fabrication of Arizona-based duo Barry Moon (Baz) and Doug Nottingham (Dug). Since 2007 they have been working from a remote/suburban desert bunker melding digital sounds and images with their analog counterparts – beating drums, destroying guitars, spinning dials, sliding faders, writing software, building instruments and projecting bizarre imagery. These garbage-pickers of music and art exploit anything/everything: Jay Z, Xenakis, or Rembrandt are no safer than Shostakovich, the Butthole Surfers, or Bill Viola from their synthesizing/thieving hands. They go beyond post-modernism and into pre”whatever”, creating an abstract body of interactive millennial media art. Their ethos/nihilism is evidenced by a DIY/DUI search for “digital answers for unasked questions” or “D.A.F.U.Q”. They play/labor laying down grooves/non-grooves in 4/4, 13/4, 17/5, etc. not to be clever (they are not), but because they feel it; they want you to feel it.