SIMF: Paul Hoskin Tribute

$5 – $20 donation at the door

(Originally scheduled for Feb. 9 as part of the 34th Seattle Improvised Music Festival, but cancelled due to snow. The original artist line-up has since changed somewhat due to the number of participants and their conflicting schedules.)

A large group of veteran Seattle improvisers gather to pay tribute to SIMF founder Paul Hoskin, who passed away last November. Various groupings and solos TBD, and an ensemble performing Hoskin’s open score Quietude. Sets punctuated with gongs by Stuart & Renko Dempster. Shrine by Sue Ann Harkey. (The final set list is shown below.)

Rob Angus, John Hawkley, Eric Muhs
• Johnny Calcagno
Lori Goldston, Austin Larkin
Robert Hinrix, Jim Knodle, Neal Kosaly-Meyer
• Charley Rowan, Bradley Stevens
• Gust Burns, Greg Campbell, Mark Kaylor, Kelvin Pittman, Wally Shoup
• Jesse Canterbury, Carol J. Levin, Jenny Ziefel
Quietude: Greg Campbell, Stuart Dempster, Scott Granlund, Jim Knodle, Dave Knott, Neal Kosaly-Meyer, Pete Leinonen, Carol J. Levin, Fran Lukas, Charley Rowan, Wally Shoup, Bradley Stevens, Jenny Ziefel