Nonsequitur was founded by Jonathan Scheuer and Steve Peters, who met in the early 1980s at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, where they also worked for KAOS-fm radio and OP Magazine. The project began as a record label based in Santa Fé, New Mexico, publishing over thirty releases in nine years.


Began distributing older releases and books by artists associated with our projects, along with related recordings and publications.


The Nonsequitur Music Gallery opened in a storefront in downtown Albuquerque. The front half of the space was used to exhibit artwork by composers and sound artists, or by visual artists who had a connection to sound and music. We also began producing occasional concerts at the Outpost Performance Space.


We ceased releasing new CD titles and sold our existing catalog and inventory to O.O. Discs, which has since gone out of business; what remains of our catalog is available from Pogus Productions.  We then shifted our focus to presenting concerts and installations, solidifying our relationship with Outpost and making use of other venues when appropriate.


Nonsequitur moved to Seattle, presenting monthly events in various rented spaces, often in collaboration with other like-minded organizations.


Recognizing the need for an affordable, mid-sized venue dedicated to adventurous music, Nonsequitur signed a long-term lease to use the Chapel Performance Space at the Good Shepherd Center ten nights per month. The Wayward Music Series was initiated to share this amazing resource at a subsidized rate with other like-minded artists and organizations. This unusual cooperative model has proven to fill a vital need for affordable space to present uncompromising non-commercial music.


Nonsequitur was honored with a Mayor’s Arts Award.


Earshot Jazz recognized our “tremendous contribution to Seattle’s creative jazz scene,” for which we received their Golden Ear Award.


Nonsequitur celebrates 25 years of supporting innovative artists.


Nonsequitur celebrates 10 years of the Wayward Music Series at Good Shepherd Center Chapel.


Nonsequitur celebrates 30 years, and strengthens focus on supporting local artists.


Nonsequitur hires a diverse four-person curatorial team to choose the artists we will present. Each curator is responsible for three events per year. This team will dissolve and be reconvened with new members annually.

Artists Presented

  • February 16:  Ana Cervantes
  • March 9:  Dana Reason
  • April 6:  Shoko Hikage/Ryuko Mizutani
  • May 4:  Susan Alcorn + Chas Smith
  • August 17:  CK Barlow + Steven M. Miller
  • September 20:  Frank Abbinanti
  • October 11:  Bernhard Günter + Jeph Jerman + Steve Peters
  • October 12:  Bernhard Günter + Steve Roden + Günter/Jerman/Peters/Roden
  • November 16:  Toshimaru Nakamura/Sean Meehan
  • November 23:  Rick Cox + Michael Jon Fink
  • January 12:  Aki Takahashi
  • February 3:  Stuart Sherman
  • February 17:  Claudio Calmens
  • March 10:  Philip Gelb
  • April 14:  Marsha Tallerico
  • April 21:  Santa Fé Intl. Electro-acoustic Music Festival: Chris Brown + Maggi Payne
  • April 27:  Alvin Curran
  • May 12:  Smash & Teeny (Sarah Peebles/Nilan Perera)
  • June 22:  California Ear Unit
  • September 21:  LINKS Ensemble
  • October 27:  Nicolas Collins/Peter Cusack
  • November 17:  Fred Frith
  • December 15:  Jane Rigler
  • January 16:  Kristen Loree/John Bartlit
  • February 6:  Brenda Hutchinson
  • February21:  Joseph Weber memorial concert
  • April 10:  Chris Cochrane + Jefferson Voorhees
  • April 24:  Santa Fé Intl. Electro-acoustic Music Festival: David Behrman
  • May 29:  Sean G. Meehan + Jefferson Voorhees
  • June 19:  Chris Brown + Mike Berry
  • June 11-12:  Robin Holcomb
  • July 15:  JA Deane + Steve Peters
  • October 10:  nmperign
  • November 20:  Amy Denio + Protuberance
  • December 11:  Peter Gordon & Joan LaBarbara
  • January 9:  LaDonna Smith + Trio Palladium
  • February 21:  Steven M. Miller/Steve Peters
  • March 7:  Christopher Shultis + Daniel Davis
  • April 10:  Butch Morris w/ Out of Context
  • May 2:  Annie Gosfield/Roger Kleier;
  • June 6:  Ellen Band
  • September 11-12:  Lane Lucas: “Faith”
  • October 17:  Sarah Cahill
  • November 14-15:  Pauline Oliveros
  • December 1:  Kaffe Matthews
  • December 5:  Kristen Loree/John Bartlit
  • December 18:  Matt Ingalls/Mike Berry
  • February 25:  Gustavo Matamoros
  • July 15:  Anna Homler/Steve Peters/Steve Roden
  • November 5:  David Dunn/Steve Peters/Christopher Shultis
  • February 18:  Elodie Lauten: “The Gaia Cycle”
  • June 18:  Pauline Oliveros & Friends: Jerry Hunt tribute
  • July 21:  Tom Djll + Tom Guralnick
  • August 27:  Peter van Riper
  • February 19:  Jeff Greinke + Steve Peters
  • March 22:  Paul Hoskin/Steve Peters
  • August 6:  Francisco López/Steve Peters
  • October 1 – 4:  New Music Across America Festival (Albuquerque)